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Aesthetic Treatments at Kerry Couture

You can rest assured that all the aesthetic treatments carried out at Kerry Couture are done so by our fully qualified, licensed & insured Aesthetic Practitioner Tracey. With over 30 years in the medical profession before taking up aesthetic treatments, you are always in the safest of hands.

This, coupled with our famous service and honest pricing, makes our aesthetics service one of the best in the county. Talk to us today or book your appointment online.

Aesthetic Services
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Kerry Couture Aesthetics Prices

We're completely transparent in our pricing. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If you are pregnant or having any medical treatment please consult your Doctor, Stylist & Beauty Therapist before any treatments. 

Use our easy online booking system to secure your appointment, or call 01306880787 to talk to us today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Dermal Fillers

We can provide treatments on up to 4 areas at a time, please see the list below

1 Area

2 Areas

3 Areas

4 Areas





Lip Volume.jpg

Lip Volume



nasalobial folds.jpg

Nasal Folds

Cheek Volume.jpeg

Cheek Volume

Lip Augmentation.jpg

Lip Augmentation


Marionette Lines

Tear Troughs.jpg

Tear Troughs


Jawline Definition

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We can provide treatments on up to 3 areas at a time, please see the list below

1 Area

2 Areas

3 Areas




crows Feet.jpg

Crows Feet



dimple chine.jpg

Dimple Chin

gummy smile.jpg

Gummy Smile

between brows.jpg

Between Brows


Brow Lift

bunny lines.jpg

Bunny Lines

downturn mouth.jpg

Downturn Corners of Mouth

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Platysmal Band (Necklines)

Advanced Botox Treament


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Jawline Slimming

Advanced Botox Treatment


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Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Underarm Treatment


Kerry Couture Logo

Microblading Brows

Top up recommended every 10 months


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Treatment include face, neck & hands. Priced per area and includes compulsory second treatment 4 weeks after initial treatment.

£500 per area

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Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment

Treatment areas include; chin, jaw, knees, legs, inner thighs, outer thighs, buttocks, stomach, back, arms & hips. Priced per area.

£100 per area

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Vitamin B12 Injection

Priced per injection.


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Vitamin C Injection

Helps to boost your immune system


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Vitamin D Injection

The sunshine vitamins helps protect bone muscles and aids wellbeing


Kerry Couture Logo

Biotin Injection

Helps strengthen hair, skin & nails


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Hay Fever Relief Injection

Each treatment protects your from symptoms for up to 6 months


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Jalupro Treatment

This treatment revitalises skin with amino acids to produce collagen and improve elastin to restoring elasticity and volume to the skin.

£150 Per Area

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Sunekos Treatment

This is a new injectable treatment, containing amino acids and Hyaluronic acid it works to tighten and eliminate wrinkles, lift & hydrate the skin. It works by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin, to produce a complete mix of collagen and elastin.


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Don't Take Our Word For It - Take Theirs!

Just love this place. The team are fantastic. So friendly, helpful and the finished product is amazing. - Candis M

I get my haircut and have had some beauty treatments at Kerry's salon. I love the atmosphere, it is so warm and friendly. everyone is very professional and are wonderful people! Kerry is an amazing stylist and knows exactly what suits people. I had a massage today with Tracey. I have had in a very long time. They are super busy so get yourselves booked in! Thank you girls for always making me feel loved and pampered! - Anna L

Tried here today and I can honestly say I’m so glad I left my other hair dresser. A real friendly atmosphere, time spent with me to discuss colour and cut. And no hidden costs. I will definitely be going back. - Tilly H

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