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4 Skin-care Regimes to Follow After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most advanced form of the hair removal process. Unlike waxing, this method helps get rid of unwanted hair without leaving any dark patches over the body. Moreover, it’s an entirely pain-free process and doesn’t leave any marks or skin irritation as a part of after-effects. You will find a majority of parlours offering affordable laser hair removals in Surrey.

However, if you opt for the laser process, be sure that you take good care of your skin later so that you don’t face any consequences. Although the skin heals quickly after the laser treatment, following these simple tips can give you relief sooner.

Apply cool aloe vera packs

Aloevera is a natural coolant. Hence, you can use aloevera ice packs and apply the same on the portions of dry and red skin after you have gone through the laser treatment. This will help the sore skin dry up quickly, and the mild discomfort that you might be having will be gone in no time.

Don’t expose skin to sunlight

Things like sunlight, dust and sweat can irritate your skin. Hence, after you’ve performed a laser, it is not advisable to go out for a beach party! This will surely make the situation worse. If you have an emergency and need to go out in the sunlight, then using sunscreen is the most favourable option.

Avoid wearing synthetic materials

For the next month, you have to wear loose-fitting clothes that will not stick to your skin. Further, you should always avoid wearing synthetic materials as they are harsh to the skin. Keep your skin happy and let your pores breathe. This will fasten the healing process of the skin.

Apply moisturizers

You can ask the aesthetician to recommend a few moisturizers that are good for your skin. Once the laser is done, you can easily apply the same to keep the skin from drying up. The red pores and the soreness can be healed with the help of these moisturizers. After the initial treatment, you must apply the moisturizer at least thrice a day to avoid the itching sensation.

At Kerry Couture, our highly trained aestheticians listen to all client’s requirements and accordingly suggest the required beauty treatment. We offer all types of waxing solutions along with advanced laser hair treatment for sensitive skin. Avail of flawless laser hair removal services from our certified experts and enjoy your hair free days.

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